The blind Ukrainian amputee whose wife’s voice kept him alive

Serhiy and his wife in front of a city skyline

By Keiligh Baker

BBC News

As Serhiy slowly began to regain consciousness in his hospital bed in Kyiv, he realised he couldn’t see, speak, or feel his legs – but he could hear his wife Valeria’s voice. Comforted, he lost consciousness again.

It was a pattern that lasted weeks. The severely injured Ukrainian soldier would wake up to darkness and panic, unable to communicate because of the tube down his throat – but every time he heard Valeria, he settled down.

“That’s what kept me fighting,” he tells the BBC’s Ukrainecast podcast.

“Until then, I only had nightmares. Terrible dreams in which I was being demolished, destroyed, chewed over – and then the light in regaining consciousness was her voice… Because I wanted to come back to her. To fight through this, to be with her.”

Serhiy, 27, suffered catastrophic injuries when his vehicle hit a Russian anti-tank mine on Ukraine’s frontline near Mariinka, nine months after Russia launched its full-scale invasion of his country.


As a soldier already serving before the war, he had been thrown straight into the thick of the fighting from its first day, in February 2022. He often went weeks without speaking to Valeria, who remained in their home city of Kyiv.

Serhiy pictured in military clothing
Image caption,Serhiy pictured before his injuries

He was travelling with seven other soldiers on November 2022 when the vehicle was hit. The force of the blast broke his spine, pelvis, nose, eye sockets, gave him an open-skull brain injury, severe burns to his face and body, fractured his thigh and blew off both his lower legs. The flames from the blast cauterised his wounds, inadvertently saving his life.

He can’t remember anything from that day – but Valeria will never forget it.

“I didn’t expect he would come back from the war with both his legs,” Valeria says. “But even I wasn’t prepared for the extent of his wounds when I saw him.”

“My first thought was just relief that he was alive because, by the description of what happened to him, it was not clear that he would ever regain consciousness. So I went to the hospital and I saw my beloved, full of different tubes, totally unresponsive. And that was scariest part.”

Serhiy and his wife, Valeria, before his injuries

Serhiy regained consciousness after 20 days in a coma. He then spent another week in intensive care, another two weeks in the traumatic injuries unit and then months in rehabilitation.

He has a stoic approach to his injuries, and says that, for him, losing two legs is better than losing one arm. Valeria takes a similarly pragmatic approach: “A blind, legless husband – it’s not so bad,” she laughs, adding that as a former dentist she’s just relieved he didn’t lose his teeth.

Last week, after travelling to the US in the hope of saving a fraction of the sight in his remaining eye, he was told the devastating news that it couldn’t be saved – that he had fully lost his eyesight.

Although the couple were disappointed, they remain hopeful for the future and Serhiy now wants to spend his life advocating for and helping his fellow injured soldiers.

“I have so many plans that one lifetime isn’t enough for all of it,” he says. “I definitely will go back to Ukraine. That’s my country. I fought for it. I sustained [my] wounds for it.”

Serhiy in front of water
Image caption,Serhiy has vowed to launch organisations that help injured veterans

He plans to launch two organisations, he says, both aimed at helping wounded veterans, including one to build infrastructure for their life after the war.

Both Ukraine and Russia refuse to release figures of their wounded and dead soldiers, but US officials, quoted by the New York Times, put the number at 70,000 dead and as many as 120,000 injured, as of August 2023.

While Serhiy maintains that his injuries haven’t changed him, Valeria disagrees.

“He has become more responsible. He was responsible before, but it was his family, his military unit,” she explains.

Parade Baju Adat Indonesia Ramaikan Hari Kebangsaan Ke-40 Brunei Darussalam

Parade baju adat nusantara ikut meramaikan parade peringatan Hari Kebangsaan ke-40 Negara Brunei Darussalam yang berlangsung di Stadium Negara Hassanal Bolkiah, Bandar Seri Begawan, Sabtu (24/2/2024). (Foto: Ist)  Rakyat Merdeka – Parade baju adat nusantara ikut meramaikan parade peringatan Hari Kebangsaan ke-40 Negara Brunei Darussalam yang berlangsung di Stadium Negara Hassanal Bolkiah, Bandar Seri Begawan, Sabtu (24/2/2024).

Duta Besar RI untuk Brunei Darussalam, Achmad Ubaedillah, mengungkapkan, seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya, masyarakat Indonesia di Brunei turut berpartisipasi dalam perayaan tersebut diwakili oleh Persatuan Masyarakat Indonesia (PERMAI) bekerja sama dengan KBRI Bandar Seri Begawan.

Peserta parade Indonesia tahun ini diikuti oleh 70 orang peserta, yang 29 orang peserta diantaranya mengenakan baju adat dari daerah-daerah di Indonesia yang berbeda.

“Ini pertama kali bagi saya untuk hadir dan menyaksikan perayaan Hari Kebangsaan Brunei dan saya sangat bangga dengan komunitas Indonesia yang selalu aktif meramaikan kegiatan-kegiatan di Brunei, termasuk perayaan ini. Sangat terlihat bahwa masyarakat Indonesia diterima dengan baik oleh Pemerintah dan masyarakat Brunei”, ujar Ubaedillah yang hadir didampingi Ibu Siti Rif’ah. Turut menyaksikan barisan parade Indonesia dari tribun kehormatan bersama Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah dan para Duta Besar dari negara-negara sahabat.

Keragaman kostum yang dikenakan oleh peserta parade Indonesia ini menarik perhatian orang-orang yang hadir dalam perayaan tersebut, terlihat dengan banyaknya khalayak ramai yang meminta kesempatan untuk mengambil swafoto dengan peserta berbaju adat di sela-sela kegiatan parade.

Acara parade tersebut termasuk dalam rangkaian kegiatan dalam rangka perayaan Hari Kebangsaan Negara Brunei Darussalam yang jatuh pada tanggal 23 Februari. Tahun ini, perayaan Hari Kebangsaan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 24 Februari 2024.

Berbeda dengan perayaan-perayaan sebelumnya yang dilaksanakan di pusat kota Bandar Seri Begawan, perayaan Hari Kebangsaan kali ini diselenggarakan di Stadium Negara Hassanal Bolkiah, Bandar Seri Begawan, agar dapat menampung lebih banyak peserta.

Peringatan Hari Kebangsaan ke-40 Brunei ini diikuti oleh lebih dari 10 ribu orang termasuk di antaranya adalah keluarga kerajaan, pejabat dan staf pemerintahan beserta keluarga, masyarakat umum, dan para tamu kehormatan dari perwakilan negara asing di Brunei.

Selain itu, tercatat sebanyak 163 barisan peserta parade yang terdiri dari dari militer, polisi, pemerintah, swasta, sekolah serta komunitas lokal dan asing. Selain Indonesia, komunitas asing yang mengikuti parade kali ini adalah Malaysia, Filipina, Singapura, Thailand, dan Pakistan.

Intuitive Machines: Odysseus Moon lander ‘tipped over on touchdown’

Image caption,Steve Altemus, CEO of Intuitive Machines, describes what he thinks happened during landing
Jonathan Amos, Science correspondent

By Jonathan Amos

Science correspondent


The Odysseus Moon lander is likely lying on its side with its head resting against a rock.

The US spacecraft, which made history on Thursday by becoming the first ever privately built and operated robot to complete a soft lunar touchdown, is otherwise in good condition.

Its owner, Texan firm Intuitive Machines, says Odysseus has plenty of power and is communicating with Earth.

Controllers are trying to retrieve pictures from the robot.

Steve Altemus, the CEO and co-founder of IM, said it wasn’t totally clear what had happened but the data suggested the robot caught a foot on the surface and then fell because it still had some lateral motion at the moment of landing.


Another possibility is that Odysseus broke a leg as it came down. Certainly, inertial measurement sensors indicate the body of the vehicle to be in a horizontal pose.

Whatever the reason for the unexpected landed configuration, radio antennas are still pointing at Earth and solar cells continue to collect energy to charge the battery system.

Fortuitously, all the scientific instruments that planned to take observations on the Moon are on the side of Odysseus facing up, which should allow them to do some work. The only payload on the “wrong side” of the lander, pointing down at the lunar surface, is a static art project.

“We’re hopeful to get pictures and really do an assessment of the structure and assessment of all the external equipment,” Mr Altemus told reporters.

“So far, we have quite a bit of operational capability even though we’re tipped over. And so that’s really exciting for us, and we are continuing the surface operations mission as a result of it.”

Odysseus looks at the Moon
Image caption,Odysseus took this photo on approach some 10km above the surface

The robot had been directed to a cratered terrain near the Moon’s south pole, and the IM team believes it got very close to the targeted site, perhaps within 2km or 3km.

A US space agency satellite called the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will search for Odysseus this weekend to confirm its whereabouts.

The IM mission is part of Nasa’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) programme, in which the agency is paying various private American companies for cargo services to the Moon – in the case of Odysseus with a fee of $118M (£93m).

All the companies are responsible for the financing, build, launch and operation of their spacecraft – and for finding commercial payloads to supplement Nasa’s.

Six CLPS missions were planned for this year. The first, by Pittsburgh-based firm Astrobotic, ended in failure. Its Peregrine lander developed technical problems en route to the Moon and gave up the opportunity of a touchdown. The robot was brought back to burn up in Earth’s atmosphere.

Artwork: Odysseus
Image caption,Artwork: How Odysseus should look on the Moon – except it’s likely on its side

Intuitive Machines has two further missions in prospect for 2024. The next will see a robot drill into the surface. Another Texan company, Firefly Aerospace, should also shoot for the Moon at some point in the coming months.

Nasa regards the CLPS approach as a more economical way of getting its science done, while at the same time seeding what it hopes will become a thriving lunar economy.

Joel Kearns, from the agency’s science mission directorate, described the Odysseus landing as a “gigantic accomplishment”, and an affirmation of the CLPS policy.

Irrespective of its current functionality, Odysseus is unlikely to work much beyond the beginning of March when darkness will fall on the landing site.

“Once the Sun sets on ‘Oddie’, the batteries will attempt to keep the vehicle warm and alive but eventually it’ll fall into a deep cold and then the electronics that we produce just won’t survive the deep cold of lunar night. And so, best case scenario, we’re looking at another nine to 10 days (of operations),” said Tim Crain, IM’s CTO and co-founder.

Bamsoet Dorong Indonesia Miliki Aturan Perlindungan Hukum Investasi NFT  Rakyat Merdeka – Ketua MPR sekaligus Dosen Pascasarjana Universitas Pertahanan (Unhan) dan Universitas Borobudur Bambang Soesatyo (Bamsoet) menekankan pentingnya Indonesia memiliki peraturan hukum yang jelas untuk memberikan perlindungan hukum terhadap investasi NonFungible Token (NFT). NFT merupakan aset digital dengan sistem blockchain yang berguna sebagai sertifikat kepemilikan. Pada umumnya, NFT berwujud karya seni, mulai dari animasi, lukisan, desain 3D, musik, item dalam game, hingga benda lain yang bisa dikoleksi.

Hal itu disampaikan Bamsoet saat menjadi penguji dalam Seminar Usulan Riset Mahasiswa Program Doktor Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) Muhammad Ilman Abidin, dengan judul “Urgensi Perlindungan Hukum terhadap Investasi NFT sebagai Komoditi Digital dalam rangka Pembaruan Hukum Indonesia”, secara virtual dari Jakarta, Jumat (23/2). Turut hadir antara lain, Ketua Sidang Prof Huala Adolf, Ketua Promotor Prof Ahmad M Ramli, dan Anggota Promotor Laina Rafianti. Hadir pula para Oponen Ahli antara lain Prof Sinta Dewi, Agung Hartoyo, dan Tasya Safiranita.

“Menurut data Cryptoslam, secara global penjualan NFT mencapai sekitar 8,70 miliar dolar AS atau sekitar Rp 134,7 triliun. Menurut Statista Digital Economy Compass 2022, Thailand memimpin sebagai negara dengan jumlah pengguna NFT tertinggi di dunia, yakni 5,65 juta pada 2021. Sedangkan Indonesia masuk di urutan kedelapan, dengan jumlah 1,25 juta pengguna,” ujar Bamsoet.

Ketua DPR ke-20 ini menjelaskan, jika diberikan perlindungan hukum yang jelas, keberadaan NFT bisa dijadikan sumber pendapatan baru bagi para pembuat konten maupun seniman. Khususnya bagi para generasi muda dengan tingkat kreativitas yang tinggi, pasti bisa menghasilkan sebuah karya hebat yang bisa dijual melalui NFT. Terlebih dengan adanya kemajuan teknologi informasi, target pasar yang bisa didapat tak hanya dari dalam negeri saja. Melainkan bisa diakses oleh berbagai orang dari seluruh penjuru negara dunia.

“Pada Januari 2022, dunia pernah dihebohkan oleh Justin Bieber yang memiliki NFT gambar kera, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) seharga 1,3 juta dolar AS dalam bentuk Ethereum atau sekitar Rp 19,4 miliar. Begitu pun di Indonesia, nilai akumulasi mutasi transaksi NFT Ghazali ‘Everyday‘ dikabarkan mencapai Rp 3,1 triliun dengan pendapatan yang diterima Ghazali diperkirakan mencapai Rp 1,7 miliar,” jelas Bamsoet.

Ketua Dewan Pembina Perhimpunan Alumni Doktor Ilmu Hukum Unpad ini menerangkan, dirinya juga pernah ikut meramaikan dunia NFT, dengan menjual NFT 1 video kecelakaannya bersama Sean Gelael saat mengikuti eksebisi dalam Kejurnas Meikarta Sprint Rally 2021 di Sirkuit Meikarta. Laku terjual 5,0943 ETH atau sekitar 15.815 dolar AS, setara Rp 246,679 juta di platform OpenSea.

“Contoh lainnya, Argo dan Jubi, yang berprofesi sebagai fotografer dan ilustrator dari Bandung, berhasil mengembangkan NFT-nya, Etherwaifu. Di tahun 2021, mereka sukses menjual 1.025 lukisan digitalnya dengan transaksi mencapai 2,3 juta dolar AS atau sekitar Rp 33 miliar,” pungkas Bamsoet.

Alia Bhatt: Britain’s biggest Bollywood star taking on Hollywood

Alia Bhatt

By Noor Nanji

Culture reporter

Alia Bhatt might just be the biggest celebrity you’ve never heard of.

At the age of 30, she has become a megastar in Bollywood. For certain people (your writer includes herself among them), she’s one of the hottest names out there.

If you’re not into Indian films, you’ve had no real reason to know her. Until recently, that is.

Last year, Bhatt made her Hollywood debut. All of a sudden, she was introduced to a global audience.

Now, she’s backing a new drama series about wildlife crime.


“People have the power to make a difference, whether it’s in this industry or any other,” she tells BBC News.

Alia Bhatt With Her Mother Soni Razdan
Image caption,Bhatt’s mother is also an actress

Bhatt was born into a Bollywood family, to a film-maker father and an actress mother.

Her mother, Soni Razdan, was born in Birmingham, England, and Bhatt describes herself as British.

In an interview with Wired last year, she answered the most googled questions about her, one of which was: “Is she British?” Bhatt responded with a resounding yes.

Bhatt had her first leading role at the age of 18, and has starred in dozens of Hindi films since then.

She now lives in Mumbai with her actor husband, Ranbir Kapoor, and their one-year-old daughter.

The pair are one of Bollywood’s power couples. It’s an industry that has always been ruled by family dynasties.

Alia Bhatt, Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan
Image caption,Bhatt starred alongside Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan last year

Bhatt starred in 2023 romantic comedy Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani, which was a smash hit at the box office.

Weeks later, she appeared alongside Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot and 50 Shades actor Jamie Dornan in Netflix’s Heart of Stone, which got mixed reviews.

But it took Bhatt into directions that other Bollywood stars have never gone – for instance, Shah Rukh Khan, also known as the “King of Bollywood”, has never ventured into Hollywood despite having fans around the world.

Alia Bhatt
Image caption,Bhatt turned heads at a London screening last week

We meet in a fancy hotel in Mayfair. Bhatt is wearing a black velvet Sabyasachi saree. (Again, if you know, you know. Sabyasachi is one of the most sought-after fashion designers in India.)

Bhatt is in London to attend a preview of Poacher, the new crime drama series she is executive producing. Based on true events, the series tells the story of the largest ivory poaching ring in India.

A worldwide ban on ivory sales came into effect in 1989. But elephant poaching is still a major problem globally, fuelled by demand for ivory in parts of the world where it is seen as a luxury status symbol.

More than 40 elephants a day are killed for their tusks, according to a 2020 report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Bhatt, who is an animal lover, was asked to get involved in the series by its director Richie Mehta.

“He showed me a couple of episodes, and I wanted more,” she says. “I’m just a lover of cinema or content in general that has the power to influence and really move you emotionally and physically.”

Bollywood actors Ranbir Kapoor (R) and Alia Bhatt pose for pictures during their wedding ceremony in Mumbai on April 14, 2022.
Image caption,Bhatt famously reused her wedding saree

This is not the first time Bhatt has lent her voice to the cause of sustainability and conservation.

She has launched her own sustainable clothing brand, and last year she earned praise for re-wearing her wedding saree. She has also championed animal welfare before.

“We have to somehow as a society create our own conscience, things we want to passionately speak about, passionately support,” she says.

“I’ve always said I don’t have the answers but I have the questions,” she adds. “I’m not saying I do everything right, but there’s something within me that wants to know more.”

Alia Bhatt at the Met Gala
Image caption,Bhatt was among the stars at the 2023 Met Gala in New York

In Poacher’s opening scene, an elephant is shot dead, killed for its tusks.

It’s “upsetting” to watch, admits Bhatt. “But it should be upsetting, that’s when the stakes become really high.”

Mehta, an Emmy Award-winning director, adds that this is very much an international problem, affecting the UK too.

“If you pass through Heathrow Airport, when you’re waiting at customs, you see signs of what they’ve seized, the contraband they’ve seized. And it’s immense. It’s happening all the time,” he says.

Bollywood, India’s hugely popular Hindi film industry, produces hundreds of movies every year and has a massive following among Indians globally. The sway the films and the stars have on their fans’ imaginations cannot be overstated.

But it is often described as a man’s world.

It’s something that’s been talked about for a long time, with a study last year showing just how little gender equality there is – both on and off screen.

Over the years, many Bollywood films have been criticised for being regressive, promoting misogyny and gender biases.

Bhatt, who has made a career out of playing various troubled women – from a sex worker to a kidnapping victim – is keen to stress things are changing when it comes to representation in Bollywood.

She points to Poacher, which has a female protagonist, a forest officer called Mala Jogi, at the heart of its story.

Mala – played by Nimisha Sajayan – didn’t actually exist in real life, but Mehta added her in when writing the series.

“So here we have Nimisha at the heart of the show playing Mala Jogi, being absolutely outstanding, heroic, and doing all those things you’d see a man do, which you’re seeing a woman doing the same thing,” says Bhatt.

As for Bhatt herself, she has often been described as a trailblazer for up-and-coming young women in Bollywood and beyond.

“I would like to lead by example,” she says, “and be led by example, like we have been in this case.”

Alhamdulillah Tak Ada Korban

Eskalator Naik Tiba-Tiba Turun Di Stasiun Manggarai, KAI Commuter Minta Maaf  Rakyat Merdeka – PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia atau KAI Commuter menyampaikan permohonan maaf atas insiden eskalator di Stasiun Manggarai, Jakarta yang viral di media sosial. KAI Commuter memastikan, tidak ada korban dalam kejadian tersebut.

“KAI Commuter memohon maaf atas kendala layanan pengguna Commuter Line di Stasiun Manggarai pada Rabu, 21 Februari 2024 sekitar pukul 18.06 WIB,” kata External Relations & Corporate Image Care KAI Commuter, Leza Arlan dalam keterangan resminya, Kamis (22/2/2024).

Leza menjelaskan, kendala layanan itu diakibatkan oleh tidak normalnya operasional eskalator di Stasiun Manggarai. Sehingga, menyebabkan terganggunya flow pengguna yang akan menuju peron 11 dan 12.

Kejadian bermula pada salah satu eskalator di hall lantai 1, yang mengarah ke peron 11-12 Stasiun Manggarai. Eskalator yang normalnya mengarah ke atas menuju peron, secara tiba-tiba bergerak berbalik ke arah bawah. Sehingga, beberapa pengguna yang saat itu sedang berada di eskalator menuju ke arah peron, terjatuh.

Beruntung, petugas pengamanan yang berjaga di sekitar eskalator, sigap membantu pengguna yang terjatuh.

“Agar tidak terjadi hal serupa, KAI Commuter menutup eskalator tersebut dan berkoordinasi dengan Direktorat Jenderal Perkeretaapian (DJKA), dalam hal ini Balai Teknik Perkeretaapian (BTP) Kelas 1 Jakarta, untuk dilakukan pemeriksaan dan perbaikan eskalator,” papar Leza.

Selain fasilitas eskalator dan lift yang diperuntukkan bagi pengguna prioritas untuk menuju peron 11 dan 12, Stasiun Manggarai juga menyesuaikan fasilitas tangga manual di sisi selatan dan di tengah hall lantai 1 stasiun.

KAI Commuter mengajak pengguna yang masih mampu menaiki tangga manual, untuk menggunakannya saat hendak  menuju peron atau sebaliknya.

“KAI Commuter juga mengimbau untuk selalu mengutamakan keselamatan, dengan selalu mengikuti arahan dan informasi dari petugas di stasiun,” pungkas Leza.

Spain: Priest arrested in Don Benito for ‘selling Viagra’

A church in Spain
Image caption,The priest was arrested in the small town of Don Benito as part of an anti-drugs operation

By Sean Seddon

BBC News

A priest in Spain has been arrested for allegedly running a Viagra trafficking operation from his home.

The unnamed clergyman was detained alongside another man on suspicion of selling the medication, as well as “other powerful aphrodisiac substances”, according to El Pais.

He was arrested in Spain’s western Extremadura region and has appeared in court charged with a criminal offence.

The priest’s lawyer told local media the allegations were unfounded.

According to Spanish news outlets, his arrest in the town of Don Benito followed a months-long investigation into the alleged sale of controlled substances by the priest and a second man.


El Pais claimed the second man that was detained was the priest’s romantic partner, and they sold substances to customers from their shared home.

The property was placed under police surveillance and raided by the Civil Guard on Monday, the paper reports.

The priest’s lawyer said “there is no evidence that incriminates” his client and “he had no knowledge of anything”, according to El Mundo.

Viagra is available from pharmacies under Spanish law. It is unclear what other substances were allegedly sold by the two men.

In a statement, the Diocese of Plasencia – which the priest’s church belongs to – said it was “waiting for the facts to be clarified” and for the investigation to continue.

It said the church “certainly regret(s) the events described by the pain, suffering and scandal that they entail”.

RJBBP Sulut Ungkap Faktor Kemenangan Prabowo-Gibran Di Kandang Banteng  Rakyat Merdeka – Tim 8 Relawan Jokowi Bergerak Bersama Prabowo (RJBBP) berbagi resep kemenangan Prabowo Subianto-Gibran Rakabuming Raka di Provinsi Sulawesi Utara (Sulut) hingga mencapai 75 persen di hitung cepat atau quick qount.

Padahal, Sulut merupakan salah satu wilayah pendukung PDI Perjuangan (PDIP) alias Kandang Banteng yang menjagokan Ganjar Pranowo-Mahfud MD di Pilpres 2024.

“Prabowo Subianto-Gibran Rakabuming Raka menang telak di Sulut,c kata Bendahara Tim 8 RJBBP, Deitje W. Mawuntu, Rabu (21/2/2024).

Deitje merincikan, faktor pertama, semasa kampanye pihaknya selalu mengingatkan masyarakat bahwa Prabowo memiliki ibu kandung asli Kabupaten Minahasa, Sulawesi Utara bernama Dora Siregar. Sontak, Prabowo merupakan putra asli Sulut, berdarah Minahasa.

“Kapan lagi putra daerah bisa jadi Presiden di negara ini, kalau bukan sekarang kita mendukungnya,” ungkapnya.

Faktor kedua, relawan masif bergerak di akar rumput, door to door dalam setiap aksi-aksi mandiri. Artinya, tanpa ditopang pembiayaan, mereka bergerak dan menyuarakan Paslon 02 di setiap kegiatan daerah. Misalnya, hajatan kampung, keluarga, hingga kegiatan konsolidasi internal relawan.

“Terbukti saat kampanye akbar tanggal 5 Februari 2024 kemarin di Langowan dan Lapangan Koni Sario Manado, ratusan ribu masyarakat tumpah ruah walaupun hujan mengguyur,” katanya.

Faktor ketiga, miltansi relawan yang kuat. Dibandingkan Caleg yang bergerak terbatas di daerah pemilihan (dapil), relawan justru bisa berkampanye lintas daerah menyosialisasikan Paslon 02.

“Efek Senam Gemoy, dan gambar-gambar cartoonnya yang menarik, membuat masyarakat termasuk kaula muda, bahkan anak-anak menggemarinya,” katanya.

Keunggulan Prabowo selanjutnya menurut Deitje adalah lagu kampanye yang sangat mudah diingat dan menggundang gerak siapapun yang mendengarnya. Ihwal ini, lagu Tambah Dua Torang Gas yang dinyanyikan putra daerah Sulut, Richard Jersey.

“Dia berasal dari Kota Bitung, dari kampung asalnya yaitu kepulauan Sangihe Provinsi Sulut,” ucapnya.

Dan kemudian yang terpenting adalah program Prabowo-Gibran yang konsisten disampaikan RJBBP ke seluruh masyarakat Sulut.

“Kami berharap Ppogram Prabowo-Gibran dapat terealisasi dan melanjutkan program Pak Jokowi yang perlu diselesaikan,” katanya.

Terlebih, katanya, Tim 8 RJBBP memang terlahir dari 10 organ relawan Jokowi saat dua periode kontestasi Pilpres. Saat ini, Relawan Jokowi Bergerak Bersama Prabowo-Gibran sudah menjadi targetnya untuk dapat memenangkan Paslon 02 sekali putaran.

Dia menambahkan TIM-8 RJBBP akan mengawal suara perolehan kemarin sampai ke penetapan Resmi KPU dan mengawal serta menanti Pelantikan Presiden yang baru. Pihaknya, juga akan menata internal untuk persiapan Rakernas guna membahas pengawalan program presiden terpilih.

“Kami akan menjadi mata, telinga untuk menjembatani keluhan dan masukan masyarakat di tingkat paling bawah sekalipun, agar bisa didengar dan sampai kepada pengambil kebijakan di tingkat pusat,” tutur Deitje.

Diketahui, pengurus DPD TIM 8 RJBBP Provinsi Sulut terdiri dari Ketua dewan Pembina atau Plt. Ketua Riki Pontoh SE, Pemegang Mandat Sulut Royke Mandagi juga Sekretaris Recki Tamboto, dan Plt. Ketua Kab. Minahasa Bobby Senduk.

Cerrado: Beef trade risks key Brazil ecosystem – campaigners

Bridal Veil Waterfall - Chapada dos Guimarães National Park
Image caption,The Cerrado is the largest grassland in the world and hosts 5% of the world’s species

By Esme Stallard and Leandro Prazeres

BBC News and BBC Brasil

Beef production by three of the world’s biggest meatpackers has been linked to illegal deforestation in Brazil’s Cerrado, according to campaigners.

The savannah, which featured in Planet Earth III, hosts 5% of Earth’s species and is a buffer against global warming.

In one part of the Cerrado, nearly half of the farms supplying the companies had cut down trees, the Global Witness investigation suggests.

The companies, JBS, Minerva and Marfrig said they acted in line with local law.

The Cerrado sits next to the Amazon but unlike its neighbouring habitat has not been afforded the same protections. An upcoming EU law to reduce the import of products from deforested land does not include much of the Cerrado, as it is not considered a forest under the legislation.

Although the Cerrado extends across 11 states the researchers focused their efforts on Mato Grosso – as it has the country’s largest cattle herd and contains parts of both the Cerrado and the Amazon.

The three biggest meatpackers operating here are JBS, Minerva and Marfrig – who supply meat to the world and collectively turned over $98.15bn (£78.2bn) in 2022.

Each animal slaughtered by the meatpackers has a transfer permit detailing which farm in Mato Grosso they are brought from. The most recent permits available are from 2019.

The researchers looked at the permits and then used satellite data to see whether there had been deforestation at those farms over the preceding 11 years.

Global Witness estimate that between 2008 and 2019 an area of forest bigger than Chicago was felled within ranches supplying the three beef firms across Mato Grosso.

And for those farms based in the Cerrado 42% had suffered deforestation.

Deforestation is allowed under a state permit but Global Witness found permits covered only 1% of the land deforested, suggesting the majority was illegal.

Dr Viola Heinrich, a post doctoral researcher in climate science at Potsdam University, who was not involved in the study, said the figures may be higher. The researchers only counted deforestation that was bigger than or equal to 6.27 ha (15.5 acres) – as this is what the state will prosecute.

When asked about the findings Marfrig said that “it does not acquire animals from deforested areas” and that all of its supplies must meet the Brazilian Federal Prosecutor’s deforestation rules.

JBS also made this point and said it had already removed 14% of the farms in Global Witness’ analysis for non-compliance.

Minerva said there is no illegal deforestation in its supply chains.

Brazilian officials have said that tackling deforestation in the Cerrado is particularly difficult because regulation is set at the state level instead of being governed by national laws.

As well as releasing thousands of tonnes of carbon, deforestation threatens the habitats and lives of animals living in the Cerrado.

Last year the BBC’s Planet Earth III team revealed the risk to the rare maned wolf from fires used for clearing the savannah for farming. The mother wolf, Norenia, and two of her puppies featured in the series were tragically found dead in a farmer’s ditch following filming.

Mother maned wolf lies in the grassland den with one of her pups lying on top of her
Image caption,Norenia comforts her pups in the Cerrado before her death at the end of last year

According to Brazilian government trade data, in 2019 most of the beef from Mato Grosso ended up in China, but beef from the state worth over $7.4m (£5.9m) went to the UK.

From the end of this year businesses will no longer be able to trade agricultural products in the EU which are linked to deforestation abroad, which includes the Amazon. But currently under the law’s definition of “forests” much of the Cerrado is not included as the trees are not tall enough – leaving millions of trees exposed.

Dr Viola Heinrich told the BBC: “The study’s framing around EUDR [the law] is important. The results bring to light the need to carefully reconsider what is defined as deforestation under the EUDR and consider natural vegetation loss outside forested biomes.”

The EU Commission told the BBC that the EU regulation will still cover two thirds of the Cerrado and during its first review of the legislation will look at expanding what areas are included.

“This legislation will make little difference to deforestation in the Cerrado if it is left out,” said Alice Thault, the executive-secretary of Instituto Centro de Vida, an environmental community organisation from Mato Grosso state.

Cameraman Mark MacEwen films the destruction of fires in the grasslands of the Brazilian Cerrado
Image caption,Planet Earth III camera crew witnessed the destructive fires whilst filming the maned wolves

The researchers were only able to get data on cattle up to 2019 because the transfer permits known as GTAs are no longer released publicly.

Mr Roach, from Global Witness, told the BBC: “There has been a transparency issue in Brazil in recent years and it has become a lot trickier to get data.

“So, more transparency is needed if we want greater accountability around deforestation.”

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Dadan beralasan, tindakannya spontanitas dan tak sengaja karena mendengar teriakan histeris istrinya, Riris Riska Diana sambil menunjuk-nunjuk jaksa.

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